Hemp seeds are not regulated by the 1961 Single Convention on drugs. Excluded from the legal concept of cannabis are not included in their Schedules. The Convention, in its art. 28, states: "The present Convention shall not apply to the cultivation of the cannabis plant exclusively for purposes industrial (fiber and seed). " National laws apply to hemp seeds are very different from country to country.

In some, the mere posession of hemp seeds can be punishable by imprisonment. For this reason please inform about of local regulations, particularly in Germany, France, where the trade or possession of cannabis seeds is against the law. Some countries punish acts of cultivation, while others allow them to for industrial, scientific, educational and medical.

Spanish criminal law an offense against public health behaviors cultivation or possession of susceptible plants to produce drugs developed with the aim of promote, encourage or facilitate illegal use. Marketing, holding or possession of hemp seeds is constitutive of crime, TheHempCity sells hemp seed and other legal trade items, including articles intended for collectors, with specific restrictions that are not used for purposes which contravene existing legislation or to promote, encourage or facilitate illegal consumption prohibited substances.

Item in our seeds are sold exclusively to collecting over 18.


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