OG Lemon Bilbo

OG Lemon BilboOG Lemon Bilbo

OG Lemon Bilbo


The OG Lemon Bilbo feminized cannabis seed have a good production with earthy odor and flavor fused with citrus type lemon. Relaxing, narcotic effect.
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OG Lemon Bilbo

OG Lemon Bilbo is a cross of the famous OG Kush Lemon Larry from California with one of the stable afghanas plants, obtaining an indica plant that fully maintains the characteristics of the mother OG Kush.

This variety have branches that attached to the trunk, their long tails with very long hairs and lemony earthy flavor and particularly the Lemon Larry conquering palates.

It is a half-height indica plant, fully recommended for SOG, and especially resistant to fungal infections.

In flowering their buds forming long white tails with many long hairs and very citrus aromas, with a good production and being ready to harvest in 60 days.

A real treat odors and flavors, earthy moss type fused with lemon.

Its effect is relaxing, narcotic, as classic indica variety.


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