Athena (500 mg cbd) 30 ml

Athena (500 mg cbd) 30 mlAthena (500 mg cbd) 30 ml
Athena (500 mg cbd) 30 ml

Athena (500 mg cbd) 30 ml


Full Spectrum PCR hemp oil mixed with BIO High Phenolic olive oil from an Ancient Greek olive grove.
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Athena (500 mg cbd) 30 ml

30 ml 500mg CBD full spectrum

High Phenolic olive oil boosts the endocannabinoid system, as it activates the CB1 receptors.

The activated CB1 receptors change the way the body functions and have a positive impact on the parts of the brain that affect memory, mood, sleep, appetite and pain sensation.

Owing to its phenolic compounds, high phenolic olive oil is a perfect carrier for the bioavailability of cannabidiol (better results in lower doses).

By choosing high phenolic olive oil and combining it with phytocannabinoid rich (PCR) hemp oil, the efficacy of the product is maximized, achieving greater potency and absorption of their beneficial ingredients for the body.

PHILOCANNA develops products in collaboration with university institutions and laboratories for Greece and the USA while conducting clinical trials in the final products in close collaboration with Research Centers.


60 doses (0,5ml)



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